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Useful Front-end Development Web-Based Apps.

Or something like that, anyway here's a list which should grow in time.

CSS3 Please!

  • If you'd just like to ditch adobe for most-all of your shadows and gradients:

Google Webfont Previewer

  • There's a good selection of fonts available here:
  • It's great for helping clients choose a font they like on their own time :]


  • Back to adobe, they have an amazing color picker tool
  • Another good one for clients to have some fun.
  • Chews out a bunch of color reference numbers (HEX, RGBA, CMYK, etc.)
  • Doubles as a conversion tool.

  • Helps you build image maps. There are situations such as email newsletters where the customer wants to see a poster, but have links, without slicing the image.
  • Kindof buggy, but it does the job.

Interactive YouTube API